Richard Suckling's early career, after studying at Cambridge School of Art, was as an illustrator in London. The past ten years have seen an instinctive progression from graphic art to painting, mainly soft pastels and, more recently, acrylics as well.


Moving from London to Somerset and then more recently to Newlyn in Cornwall, just five miles from Land’s End, his path has definitely been westwards!  The village of Newlyn is historically famous for fishing, art (The Newlyn School) and great storms; all of which are still central to Newlyn's unique character.  


Richard believes in the idea of painting what you have a real passion for and consequently know best and, living and working on the Penwith peninsular in West Cornwall, provides a daily abundance of endless and ever-changing inspiration.


More recently, Richard has been asked by The Artist magazine to write articles on pastel painting for their readers, the most recent of which will appear in the February 2018 issue; this time on plein air pastel painting.